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Tom Hanks had a best friend Wilson, and now you can have a best friend too! Bring Mr. Blivit home with you today! Mr. Blivit is the kind of friend that no matter how hard you throw him away he'll always come back! Blivit just wants you to have a great day by helping you crack open a cold one with your friends!


This wood model of a blivit luckily does NOT weigh hundreds of pounds. It is 1/12 scale of the real thing. It's hard Oak construction means you could also use it in hand-to-hand combat situations.... probably... I mean why not!?


Latte on a Log recommends highly that you drink responsibly! Remember, 12 hours bottle to throttle!


Wood, Blivit, 1 EA Bottle Opener

  • Hieght:  4.5 in

    Width:   4 in

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