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You know that part of the ice cream machines at your favorite ice cream parlor that heats up the cream before mixing it with ice and creating that yummy goodness you eat on a cone? Ya, this next product has absolutely nothing do do with that. This is a 1/12 scale model of the TALS! Your lovable friend on the flight line who always does its job and never lets you down!!


This model stands at 2.5 inches tall and is the same scale as the Shadow Models also for sale in our store! They are made of poplar wood giving them a beautiful wood grain to boot. They also rotate side to side and up and down just like the real thing so you can let your buddies in the office know that YES, you PMD'd this bad boy!


Each model includes the TALS pedestal, TCU, and a a “Portable Automatic Local Leveling Equipment for TALS” or PALLET for short. 


Tacti-Cool Landing Robot!

Out of Stock
  • Each model is delicate, not designed as a toy. During shipping, it is possible that the smaller bits can become detached. While this is unavoidable, please be aware that they can easily be glued back on with any clear, fast drying adhesive. In the event that your product is permanently damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately for return  and replacement information.

  • Weight: 3 oz

    Height: 2.5 inches for pedestal and radome.

    TCU: Roughly 1 inch cube

    Wood Species: Poplar

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