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Introducing the 1/12 scale wood model of the launcher for the Shadow 200 UAS. Handcrafted by our skilled artist, this wooden model is made out of poplar wood and designed to capture the intricate details of the real-life launcher! The launcher was an essential component of the Shadow 200 UAS system and our artist has expertly recreated it in stunning detail. Whether you're a military UAS enthusiast or simply appreciate beautiful craftsmanship, this wood model is a must-have for any collection. Order yours today and take home a piece of military UAS history!


Each launcher measures roughly 4 feet long when fully extended! This makes it a stunning center piece for your display. The launcher is capable of holding the Shadow UAS models also sold here at Latte On A Log. Now thats vertical integration! The models are already built so no wait is required after purchase, models ship right away!


Launcher models are designed for optimal appearance when fully extended.


APO Shipping:


This model is not available for APO shipping. 

Shadow Launcher 1/12 Scale

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