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This little guy is ready to do what he can for the empire! By landing your plane better than you! Don't take offense though.... its all he knows how to do... he can't file his taxes, he can't change a tire, but he can stare like a BOSS!


These are PVC morale patches that come in at 3.5 inches wide and 3.25 inches tall! put them on your back pack to show respect for our robot friend that helps us land our other robot friend!


R2 Landing Robot Patch


Bulk Discount Available!

  • 3.5 inches wide

    3.25 inches tall.

    PVC material

    Hook and Loop fasteners on the back 

  • Purchase 10 or more of any combination of pins, coins, patches, or stickers in a single order and get 20% off! (discount does not compound with ongoing sales discounts)

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