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Let that special someone in the unit know that you're not supposed to push the buttons in the shelter THAT hard... Commemorate those little whoopsie-doodles with this fun pin! This soft enamel pin is HUGE! At 2 inches wide it’s as big as they come! Two studs on the back make sure that the pin doesn't spin when attached to a hat, or wall, or dashboard of a car, or wherever you customer types like to put your pins.




Operator Error Pin


Bulk Discount Available!

  • This pin has sharp edges on the back where the pin affixes to a garment or object. Please keep out of reach of children. All pins carried at Latte On A Log have sharp points. Dont be the reason your unit has a saftey breifing over pins, use caution when handling. DONT POKE YOUR EYE OUT!

  • Purchase 10 or more of any combination of pins, coins, patches, or stickers in a single order and get 20% off! (discount does not compound with ongoing sales discounts)

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